(Hedera helix) is a European forest
that has become invasive in the US, where it is
officially considered to be invasive by most states. 
Because it is such an effective ground cover, it has
been recommended for years as a landscape staple

at least until we began to recognize its full
potential as an invasive species.  Ivy league
schools and ivy-covered brick buildings are icons
of a gracious and privileged way of life.  Ivy motifs decorate tablecloths,

botanical texts, and artwork.  In art, at least ivy doesn’t produce seeds,
but in nature, the spread through seeds is causing
serious economic harm.  So, it needs to be controlled. 

Mow it, discourage it, pull it, whack it
down, remove it’s flowers and fruits, and most
importantly, keep it from growing into its mature


form (more on that later)..​

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